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Devils walk!

Sunday, December 4th - Horde of Ghostly Devils on the Tree top walk!

Children who didn't get angry needn't be afraid of the devil, and what's more, an…


NOVEMBER - Month for families with children!

We have prepared a special event for you throughout November.

All children under 14 who come accompanied by their parents will have FREE entry to the Trail!


Halloween weekend on the Tree top walk

A special spooky weekend on the Trail!

Saturday, 29/10/2022 and Sunday 30/10/2022

All children who come in a Halloween costume will have free entry to the…


Change of opening hours

Attention! From November 1st, change of opening hours.

We are open from 9:30 to 16:00.

The last visitor will be released on the TTW at 15:00.


Tretop walk reopened

Come and get to know the forest a little differently and enjoy a spring walk with fun and instruction. We look forward to seeing you from Friday, April 16th. You can refresh…


We welcomed the millionth visitor!

The Tree top trail knows its millionth visitor. On Wednesday, September 30, in the afternoon, Mrs. Lucie and Mr. Zbyněk and his son Oliver entered our Trail. This family from the…



After more than a month, the gate of the Krkonoše Treetop Trail reopened on May 1st! It's time to explore the path that leads from the roots of trees to their crowns.…


we sew medical masks!

We decided to join the challenge of Otto Wichterle High School of Applied Arts “We sew masks together with the school” and from Thursday 19 March we started our Trail…


Devil's Trail

A horde of scary devils on the Trail!

Children who have not been angry but do not have to worry about the devils and moreover waiting for them angelically good reward…


Autumn events for seniors

To the heights comfortably and without barriers

The great advantage of the Trail is that it is wheelchair accessible along its entire length. At the very top of the…